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ARI will process annual registration renewals on your behalf for any vehicles enrolled in the program. This service includes the renewal of all city and county stickers as well as the procurement of new titles and license plates for all state transfers.

How the Program Works

ARI utilizes an automated system which tracks vehicles individually.

ARI will file all of the necessary renewal documents, pay all of the applicable fees including any taxes due and forward the renewed registration including the city or county sticker directly to the driver. Our service fee is included on the monthly Rental Invoice.The applicable renewal fees are summarized on our monthly Miscellaneous Invoice.

The driver's only involvement in the process is supplying ARI with any items needed to complete the renewal process, such as safety or emissions certificates in certain states. The need for these items is requested in writing and mailed along with self-addressed envelopes approximately 50 days prior to the expiration date. A follow-up letter is sent if we fail to receive a response to our first letter. If we fail to receive the needed items by the last week of the month of expiration, we will send the necessary documents and instructions by overnight mail for the driver to complete the renewal.

Program Benefits

SAVES TIME: Drivers do not spend their valuable time waiting in lines to complete their renewal.

ELIMINATES OUT-OF-POCKET EXPENSE: All renewal fees are paid up front by ARI, then itemized and consolidated on one monthly bill.

AVOIDS VIOLATIONS: Program ensures that all leased vehicles are legally registered and, where applicable, taxes are paid.

UTILIZES ARI's EXPERTISE: The experience gained by our staff's processing of thousands of renewals each year gives us the edge sometimes needed to overcome or avoid difficult situations presented by the various motor vehicle agencies.

Company-Owned Vehicles

ARI can provide the Renewal Management Program for company-owned vehicles if the vehicles are enrolled in our Title Maintenance Program and registered in ARI's name through a nominee agreement.

Note: Renewal Management is not available in Delaware.


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