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Vehicle Acquisition

Q: How do I order a vehicle?
A: Refer to the "How To Order a Vehicle" section of this web site. If you have any questions you may call the COMPANY NAME Fleet Contact at xxx-xxx-xxxx.
Q: What if I need a vehicle immediately?
A: Call the COMPANY NAME Fleet Contact for assistance.
Q: Is there a COMPANY NAME preferred vehicle catalog I can order from?
A: Yes, please refer to menu item "Vehicle Specifications" which includes pre quoted vehicles.

Vehicle Delivery

Q: Where do I pick up my new vehicle?
A: ARI has relationships with thousands of dealers nationwide. Courtesy delivery is made through these dealers, which are matched by COMPANY NAME location zip code. ARI will direct you to the dealer in your area. The dealer's Courtesy Delivery fee is paid by ARI.
Q: But I know a dealer I've used for years. I want my trucks delivered there!
A: OK. If your specific dealer agrees to do courtesy deliveries we can use them. Just let ARI know the dealer's name and telephone number and delivery will be arranged at your specified dealer. If this dealer charges a Courtesy Delivery fee that exceeds the ARI preferred dealer's fee, COMPANY NAME must pay the difference. If this is going to be the case, ARI will call you ahead of time to let you know what the excess fee is, and allow you to change your mind if you so desire.

Lease Term

Q: Is this an operating lease?
A: The ARI-COMPANY NAME leasing program qualifies as an operating lease under FASB 13 guidelines. For more information, speak with your Fleet Contact.

Interest Rates and Lease Administration

Q: What other Lease Administration features and benefits besides low interest rates do I receive?

The following benefits and services are provided, in addition to the low rates of financing:

  • Personalized service throughout the program life
  • Review of orders for accuracy
  • Updates on manufacturer's status
  • ARI's on-line ACCESS program (call the COMPANY NAME Fleet Contact for details)
  • Initial registration and titling
  • Courtesy delivery
  • Annual renewal notices mailed
  • Render and payment of personal property taxes
  • Annual review of manufactured vehicle selections
  • Manufacturer update and recall notice handling
  • ARI Internet home page at provides industry news, trends, and a broad range of vehicle overviews from various manufacturers
  • Lifecycle cost analysis
  • Customized billing to accommodate your needs, including EDI capability
  • Management and secure storage of vehicle titles
  • Secure storage of vehicle operating data on ARI mainframe, allowing real-time access to COMPANY NAME
  • Used vehicle merchandising

Any of these programs can be reviewed with you in depth on request.

Maintenance Program

Q: If I choose to participate in the program, how will my company be billed for maintenance and service?
A: ARI will be billed by the vendor, and COMPANY NAME will get one bill per month from ARI for all maintenance expenses.
Q: How do I get maintenance and service done on my fleet vehicle?

Maintenance falls into two broad categories: Preventative Maintenance and Emergency Service.

  • Preventative Maintenance: These services, like oil changes and tune ups, require the use of a coupon book, which is basically a book of ARI Purchase Orders. At selected mileage intervals, take the vehicle to any National Account Vendor listed on the coupon book, and present the appropriate coupon to the vendor. The vendor does the work, then bills ARI. COMPANY NAME will receive a bill once a month from ARI for all the maintenance performed on the fleet.
  • Emergency Service: If your vehicle requires repairs not covered by a coupon, contact one of ARI's ASE Certified Technicians at 1-800-CAR-CARE first, if at all possible. This is necessary for several key reasons:
    • Ensure safe transport of an inoperable unit.
    • Find the closest, most convenient vendor to perform the work.
    • To observe manufacturers warranty coverage.
    • Recoup any post warranty recovery available.
    • Proper vendor selection for the type of repair required.

When you call and speak with one of ARI's ASE Certified Technicians they will:

  • Verify your vehicle information and retrieve a complete history of the vehicle.
  • Inquire on your concerns/requests.
  • A decision will be made on where to take the vehicle for repairs.
  • Towing arrangements will be made, if needed.
  • Short term rental arrangements can also be made, keeping your technicians on the road while repairs are being made
Q: Who are the National Account Vendors?

Click here to view list

Q: What advantages are there to using the National Account Vendors?

Some of the best advantages:

  • Cost. ARI has negotiated reduced rates of service, usually 25-40% off regular retail prices.
  • Service: ARI customers have priority with the National Account Vendors places of businesses. For instance, if you go to one of these vendors and there are 5 vehicles ahead of you, but no National Account customers, you go to the front of the line.
  • Quality: ARI's relationship with these vendors brings tens of thousands of vehicles to their facilities each year. If they don't keep their standards up, they might find themselves off the preferred vendor list at ARI.
Q: What about local companies?
A: ARI has relationships with many companies who maintain only a local presence, including thousands of Auto Dealerships and Service Stations, although their prices and service commitments have not been pre-negotiated by ARI.
Q: That's all fine, but the company I want to use is not on the ARI program. Can I still use them?
A: Have the vendor call 1-800-CAR-CARE and be sure to reference the COMPANY NAME and Vehicle Number. ARI will attempt to set them up on their local program on the spot. This can be a simple as the vendor agreeing to take an ARI purchase order over the phone and billing ARI directly.
Q: What if I need additional work done while I'm there that isn't covered on the coupon?
A: Have the vendor call 1-800-CAR-CARE referencing the COMPANY NAME and Vehicle Number to receive a PO from ARI. Again, this will be billed directly to ARI.
Q: Doesn't that open up a world of opportunity for abuse of the system?

COMPANY NAME has the option to select parameters of expense to require specific authorization for any of the service work. Usually, the parameters are associated with a specific dollar amount. For instance, any additional expense over $500 would require a phone call to a local manager for approval. ARI will review and approve repairs between $1.00-$500.00.

Q: What other benefits does the maintenance program offer?
A: Besides detailed vehicle histories, controlled authorization, auditing of repair bills, once a month billing, and ASE Certified Technicians as customer service representatives, the ARI program provides maintenance compliance tracking, manufacturers recall tracking and work, and automated warranty "tagging" ability. And of course, reduced cost of services, better, more timely service to keep your trucks rolling, and the ability to use virtually any repair vendor you desire.

Vehicle Disposal

Q: It's time to replace a my fleet vehicle. I've ordered a new vehicle from ARI. What happens to my used vehicle?
A: Whether the current vehicle is on an ARI lease, on another company's lease, or owned outright by COMPANY NAME, ARI will sell your vehicle. ARI keeps no proceeds from the sale.
Q: Can an employees buy the used vehicle?
A: Yes, ARI can arrange for the sale of a specific vehicle to a specific employee at fair market value, book value, or any other price you designate.
Q: When does ARI take possession of the used vehicle?
A: In most cases, ARI can arrange for your driver to drop off the vehicle when picking up the new one at the dealership. Or, if ARI delivers the vehicle to your location, they can pick up the old one at that time.



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