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ARI's Fleet Management Program is designed to assist you in maintaining your vehicle, and in the proper handling of routine service in a quick and cost effective manner. To accomplish this, we do need minimal information from you. When calling ARI, please have your Vehicle Number and Odometer Reading available. If you are already in a service location, have the shop inspect the vehicle and then give ARI a call. If you need help in finding a location, ARI Service Representatives are readily available to serve you. Please give them a call for service, information or just advice at...1-800-CAR-CARE

This number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Scheduled Maintenance

Routine scheduled maintenance is handled by the use of the Coupon Book provided by ARI. These coupons allow an authorized service location to perform scheduled maintenance at the required intervals, without a telephone call to ARI.

Failure to comply with the Coupon intervals may be considered abuse. Your signature will verify that the work was completed.

Service not covered by a Coupon requires a Purchase Order from ARI. To obtain this Purchase Order, have the servicing location call ARI toll free at 1-800-CAR-CARE.

Basic Warranty Information

As you know, your vehicle comes with a warranty from the manufacturer. Refer to your Owner's Manual for specifics. Generally, the warranty is for 36 months or 36,000 miles on most components.

These repairs must be done at the manufacturer dealership in your vehicle needs a repair covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Call ARI's Fleet Management Department if you have any questions regarding your vehicle's warranty coverage.If the manufacturer's warranty is voided because of the lack of timely maintenance, and COMPANY NAME incurs a loss because of this omission, then the employee will be responsible for reimbursing COMPANY NAME for the cost of repairs, less the normal manufacturer deductible.

Fleet Management Objectives

  • Cost Reduction
  • Driver Convenience
  • Customized Service
  • Administrative Relief
  • 24-Hour Availability
  • Data Evaluations and Recommendations

Maintenance Management

  • Preventive Maintenance Coupon (Set to Your Required Intervals)
  • Controlled Authorization by ASE-Certified Technicians
  • One Bill, Once a Month
  • Audited Repair Bills
  • Toll-Free Service Number (1-800-CAR-CARE)
  • 24-Hour Service Availability
  • Discounts through National Service Locations
  • Management Reports Generated through ARI's Database
  • Post-Warranty Recovery
  • Short-Term Rentals

How to Use the Preventive Maintenance Coupon Books

  • At Selected Mileage Intervals...
  • Take your vehicle to any National Service Location listed in the Coupon Book.
  • Present the appropriate coupon to the Service Location.
  • The Service Location completes the work listed on the Coupon then bills ARI, NOT you!
  • For additional work not listed on the Coupon, have the Service Location call 1-800-CAR-CARE for a purchase order.

Unscheduled/Emergency Repairs

If you vehicle requires repairs NOT covered by a Coupon...

Preferably contact one of ARI's Service Techs for correct service location referral.

Otherwise, you MUST have the Service Location call 1-800-CAR-CARE for a purchase order.

This ensures...

  • Safe transport of an inoperable unit
  • Finding the closest, most convenient service location
  • Observing manufacturer's warranty coverage
  • Recouping any Post-Warranty recovery available
  • Selecting the proper Service Location for the required repair.

Maintenance Call Procedure

Dial 1-800-CAR-CARE You will be prompted for either a rotary or touch-tone phone designation You will be prompted to choose Option1, Car/Light-Duty Trucks The ARI Technician will ask for your Client and Vehicle Number and verify vehicle information. The ARI Technician will inquire about your vehicle concerns/requests and decide where to take the vehicle for repairs. The Technician will make towing and/or rental arrangements at this time.

ARI Technician Functions:

  • Assist Drive with Repairs
  • Document Every Call Received
  • Negotiate Repair Items, Parts and Labor Pricing
  • Negotiate for Post-Warranty Recovery
  • Issue an Itemized Verbal Purchase Order
  • Provide Service Location with Billing Instructions

Fuel Management: ARI-WEX Fuel Card

150,000 Fueling Locations Nationwide, including all of the major retail fuel outlets.

Please see the most up-to-date Wright Express list by clicking here.

Electronic Use of the ARI-WEX Fuel Card

Insert the card into the pump, and you'll be asked to enter:

  • Mileage of your vehicle.
  • Your PIN number.

Then the transaction is processed automatically.

Manual Use of the ARI-WEX Card

  • Present the card to the attendant
  • Attendant will call Wright Express for verification of your account
  • Give the Attendant your PIN number
  • Review the receipt to ensure it's correct.
  • Sign the receipt.
  • Write your mileage on the receipt
  • Keep a copy of the receipt to turn in to your local Fleet Manager

ARI-WEX Fuel Card Customer Service

If you have a question or need assistance in using your ARI-WEX card, PLEASE CALL 1-800-492-0669.

Fuel Pricing Mapping

To locate the closest and least expensive fuel available in your area please go to In the login box enter your username “Mcorp” and password “112233” and click “login.” Under the “Getting Started” menu click on “Fuel Price Mapping.” Enter your search criteria, click submit, and your results will be displayed under the map. The default setting is to sort by lowest price within your search distance criteria, but you can sort by shortest distance by clicking on the word “distance” in the header. Please do not change the settings or password on the site


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